Spine Tingling:How Artificial Disc Replacement Restores You In No Time

As one of the more critical and amazing skeletal structures that make up our spine, the cervical disc is the area of the body that greatly affects our everyday life. Since an innocent back pain can be an indication that something is not right, making certain that your spine is functioning at its best allows a larger range of motion as well as absorbs the demands of non-stop neck movement.

While most people turn to surgery when the pain becomes debilitating, an artificial disc replacement procedure has been regarded by many as an effective way to provide amazing neck and back support that guarantees unrestricted movements in the future. Here are some of the awesome advantages of having an artificial disc replacement.

Benefits Of Undergoing Artificial Disc Replacement?

Much like spinal fusion surgery, disc replacement procedures are performed to help reduce or eliminate pain in the back and neck. By allowing the spine to rotate, bend, and flex the same way it did when the disc was healthy, patients are able to function with finesse and proficiency. Here are the perks of enduring an artificial disc replacement.

Faster Recovery

While other options immobilize the patient for longer periods, disc replacement is known to be the least invasive among the procedures. By allowing the fused vertebrae to heal faster, it offers the shortest duration towards the patient’s recovery.

Less Stress On Spine

As other traditional procedures keep the treated vertebrae bonded in place, its inability to move transmits more of the stress to its neighboring spinal column which may cause its hasty decline in the future. Since a disc replacement surgery offers a less stressful process, patients can go back to their normal function fast without having to think of an increase in deterioration over time.

Better After-Surgery Performance

By preserving the normal neck motion better than the other surgery options, artificial disc replacement patients are able to regain more of their natural head, neck, and back movements after the procedure. Not only does it allow patients to perform more of their usual tasks, but it also improves their quality of life.

Here at the Center for Artificial Disc Replacement, we offer this remarkable procedure as an excellent alternative for those struggling with their neck and back problems. We strive to get our patients back to performing various intense activities such as jogging in the shortest recovery time as possible. We believe that although such a procedure may intuitively mean that you lose some of your everyday instinctive functions, you can always bounce back as if a surgery never happened.