A Simple Guide On How SMS Marketing Services Work

Many businesses use text message marketing to increase web traffic, educate subscribers, or promote sales. If you want to expand your marketing reach, Textedly offers bulk texting services and different payment plans to suit your needs. So, how does text marketing work?

Text message marketing is a way of reaching out to customers and keeping them in the loop of your services. Textedly relies on a database that consists of cellphone numbers, names, and demographic information.

It targets a specific audience

The more information customers have, the better the segmentation. Just like other marketing strategies, the text message segment is based on age and interests. The idea is to get as specific as possible and meeting with your customers.

Opt-in methods

A text messaging service focus on specific keywords. People can subscribe to text messages to win contests, collect feedback from polls, and gather information. When someone texts in the keyword, it’s a confirmation that they want to receive messages in the short run.

The best companies that offer text message marketing allow customers to opt-out via the website. You should ensure there’s an option where customers opt in. Also, you should make sure there’s a clear disclosure. When using the SMS service, you should never send a message to someone who has not opted-in. Keep in mind a shortcode consists of 5-6 numbers (less than a full phone number).


When someone texts a keyword to the shortcode, they receive an automatic message that can be fully customized. The best messaging service will welcome subscribers to confirm what they subscribed for.

If you want to grow your marketing list, you should target a larger number. When more subscribers receive your SMS, it means people will buy from your business. Another strategy is advertising the keyword on your website. And all someone has to do is click a button. If the phone number is pre-filled, the SMS app will open with the keyword.

You could also offer discounts to subscribers or promote keywords on social media.

Keep the text to the point

A text message should be straightforward. If you send lengthy messages, the subscribers will opt-out. Be sure to maintain at least 160 characters. No need to get fluff – use an eye-catching opener followed by the main message.


SMS is a critical aspect of marketing, so compliance is a must. A text message is not something you come up with and spam your customers.

The telephone consumer protection Act is specific on how you should send bulk messages. And the most important thing is to obtain written consent from the customer. The Cellular Telecommunications Industry will also give tips and guidelines to help you get started.